The We're All Ears October Challenge

Moon Child

These earrings capture different phases of the moon.  All the pieces fit together in a tiny little puzzle.  The bottom crescent moon drops are by Inviciti.  The horned moon ceramic beads are by The Clay Hen.  The full moons are very old faceted crystals from a salvaged necklace.

This photo was shot very late in the evening with extremely low light.  I liked the way it turned out so I kept it anyway :D

Here are the same pair in daylight ... Much warmer colors ...I love them both!

Thanks for popping in, I was a day late posting this because it's been such a busy week.

Loralee xo


  1. These are lovely! I love the way that you fit the components together--as you said, like a little puzzle. They work so well and balance each other... beautiful work! :)

  2. These are so cool! I love that you represented several phases of the moon all lovingly wire-wrapped.

  3. These are so lovely! I adore the dark elements to them with that pop of bright sparkle. They are mysterious and awe-inspiring, much like the moon itself.

  4. These are wonderful! And the way the coloring changed with the differing light fits in perfectly with how you focused on the changing phases of the moon.

  5. Love the idea behind the design and the beads are perfect for it! It's a beautiful design!

  6. Ooh! Dark and mysterious magic! I love them! Thanks for playing along with me in the We're All Ears challenge. Stop by on 11/3 to see the next challenge! Enjoy the day! Erin


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