Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Art Bead Scene February Challenge!   Oh, had so much fun with this one!!

So I dug though my stash for something old and gold.  Then, got out my paint box to use on some unfinished polymer beads   I wanted just the right flower pattern to go with the tin, and I knew painting them myself was the best way.

 I think they turned out lovely!  I especially love the golden crowns atop the tin pieces!  Huzzah!

And another pair focusing more on the floral buntings.  These crescent charms were made by a French ceramic artist by the name of  Danielle Pereira-Segura.

Paintings come to life!   What a wonderful way to inspire!!


  1. Great hands on approach to controlling your end result. The first pair of earrings a very interesting interpretation but I'm especially fond of the second pair especially with how the chain looks like a swag imitating the one on the balcony

  2. Your earrings turned out great: the second pair is quite unique. I've never seen such charms before: stunning!

  3. These are amazing! I love the richness.


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